Day: 24 June 2010


Baseball Superstars 2010

With the success of Baseball Superstars 2008 and 2009, Gamevil has just released the newest addition to this line of games, Baseball Superstar 2010. This game has a whole lot more to offer then it’s previous namesakes such as 6 different modes of gameplay, more customizable options and asynchronous multiplayer so you can play against your friends now.


Unity Pro + Free Nexus One?

Unity3D recently announced that pre-sales are going on for their Android version of their great 3D engine. Game developers who are still on the border as to whether or not they want to make the jump to Android or, if you already are developing for Android making the jump to Unity 3D, have a little more incentive now. Unity3D will give the first 500 Unity Pro for Android pre-sale orders a free Nexus One.


NetHack for Android

NetHack is a port from the old dungeon exploration game of the same name by Fredrik Franstrom. This is a rogue-like RPG game that is a step up from the old school MUD or Text based RPGs that used to be real popular. NetHack offers up a large RPG in a small file size thanks in part to the dungeon and everything in it being rendered using text symbols.