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In the wide world of physics games, there are only a few developers pumping out really good quality titles. RedX, developed by AlBrAndroid, is one of those titles. Using the orientation sensor on your phone you work your way through a multitude of levels solving the puzzles. This game really tests your brain with problem solving skills with each puzzle having multiple solutions too.

To play the game it is very simple, tilt your device in whatever direction you need to to get the red balls/blocks to go off screen while keeping the green ones on the screen. You can tap on the gray blocks and balls to make the disappear to try to make things easier. Some stages really rack your brain on how to solve them.

The physics in RedX are extremely well done with even the slightest movement of the phone moving the green and red elements in each stage. While the idea of the game is fairly simple, actually solving puzzles is quite the challenge with some stages being a real pain (in a good way). It also records your time per stage so you can go back and try to solve each puzzle faster to beat your own time.


  • Lots of levels to solve
  • Records time it takes to solve each stage
  • Compare highscores
  • Great 3D-like graphics
  • Great physics
  • Level Designer


With the most recent update to the full version you now get a level designer to create your own levels. Because this is a physics game each level plays differently every time you go try it out so between that and the new level designer, there is a great deal of replay value with this game.

If you enjoy physics and puzzle games then you’ll really enjoy this really polished title by AlBrAndroid. This game performs well even on the older generation phones as well thanks to some recent performance fixes. Definitely worth adding to your game collection. You can pick up the full version off the Android market for around $2.80USD or try the Lite version before buying which gives you 20 stages to have a go at.

You can check out some of the levels other people have designed at the RedX Level Design Gallery. Some really awesome designs. Would love to see what everyone can come up with!

Developer Website: AlBrAndroid

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