Day: 30 June 2010


EA Mobile – FIFA 10

EA Mobile, not known for their support of Android due to their lack of games released onto the market as well as the quality of the games, aims to turn that around with their newest release. FIFA 10 just landed on the Android market and brings with it a huge amount of customization for teams and your own player as well as 3D graphics and touchscreen controls.


Pocket Racing

While there are a lot of racing games for Android available on the market, everything from 2D to 3D, you can expect pretty much the standard feature set one would find in a racing game. Tracks to pick, other cars to race, possibly even multiplayer. Pocket Racing offers you a dose of old school top-down racing with a very neat feature not seen elsewhere.


Time Chaos Update

Not too long ago we here at Droid Gamers reviewed the game Time Chaos by OrangePixel. Time Chaos is a little retro side-scrolling game where you shoot the enemies and collect power-ups. What started as a small free game has turned into a much larger game with the update that was released today on the Android market.


Upcoming Glu Game Sale

There are a few developers who like to do sales on their games for whatever special holiday or reason they want, Chillingo often does it with their iPhone/iPad games as does Gamevil and occasionally even Gameloft. Glu also does it as well and they plan on doing it again for this upcoming July 4th holiday with a bunch of their games going on sale for only $0.99USD.