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Pocket Racing

While there are a lot of racing games for Android available on the market, everything from 2D to 3D, you can expect pretty much the standard feature set one would find in a racing game. Tracks to pick, other cars to race, possibly even multiplayer. Pocket Racing offers you a dose of old school top-down racing with a very neat feature not seen elsewhere.

Developed by Measured Software, Pocket Racing is a great little old school racing game. Controls are really simple with tapping the bottom left or right of your screen to steer your car. You speed up automatically so all you have to do is concentrate on controlling your car. Graphics are smoothly rendered 2D top-down visuals and the game comes with a bunch of techno-like music.

While so far this seems like your standard racing game, it does have one feature that I have yet to see anywhere else in any racing game for Android. This feature allows you to save/upload you race. Also you download opponents to race against so when you race, you are actually racing against other people’s saved games. So if you really want a challenge you can download the top times and go against them or vise versa, upload yours for people to try and beat.


  • Smooth touch controls
  • Lots of music and sounds effects
  • Great 2D top-down graphics
  • 4 Different tracks to race on
  • 4 Cars to choose from with different stats


While the amount of tracks to select is only 4, you can have an unlimited amount of races, all unique thanks to the ability of downloading other races from other players. This effectively give this game continue and always different dynamic gameplay which gives this title a high replay value.

You can give this game a try by downloading the Lite version for free off the Android market allowing you to play one track and choose only one car. The full version has everything available and can be purchased for around $2.75USD. If you like racing games but want something a bit more simple to play to kill some time, then this is definitely one game to consider adding to your collection.

Developer Website: Measured Software

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