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Gem Laser

Gem Laser, developed by Arturo Gutierrez, is one of those reflection type puzzle games where you use items on each stage to reflect a laser that has to pass through all the items on a stage, in this case gems. While there are not a whole lot of them on the Android market, Gem Laser seems to stand out from the rest thanks to much nicer graphics and gameplay.

As with all reflection type puzzle games, you complete each stage by reflecting a laser through all the gems on that level. To do so you can use either the trackball or touchscreen controls to move the reflecting items (the look like space aged turrets) and bend the laser to how you need it so that it passes through all the gems.

There isn’t just one solution for every level either and you can use as many or as little of the reflecting items to solve each stage. There are different types of reflecting turrets as well, some with different angles of reflection while others can’t be move. You have to complete each stage in order to move on and unlock the next one.


  • Multiple types of reflecting turrets
  • Touch screen (tap) controls as well as Trackball support
  • Great graphics
  • Difficulty increases as you progress through the game
  • 40 levels with more coming soon


These types of puzzle games are always good to play as they are definitely not easy to pass, especially in the later levels. It gets to the point at times where you are almost frustrated with the game but at the same time you can’t stop playing it. You always go back trying to figure out the level you are stuck on which makes this game very addicting at times.

You can go grab the Lite version for free off the Android market right now to try it out or buy the full version for roughly $3.75USD. If you enjoy the reflection style puzzle games then you’ll certainly like this title.

Developer Website: N/A

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