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IGN Does Android – Finally

We here at DroidGamers have be proud to be at the forefront when it comes to all things relating to games and gaming on the Android platform. Along with a couple of other sites who cater to mobile gaming across all platforms, there hasn’t been much mainstream coverage of Android games or gaming for that matter. That seems to be changing though as IGN Wireless gets on board.

Announced yesterday, we waited until today just to be sure we weren’t seeing things, IGN Wireless has announced that they have added Android to their mobile gaming coverage which was once solely dedicated to iOS. This should make any game developers debating on making the jump take a second look as an announcement like this certainly shows Android’s potential as a gaming platform as well as how much it has come along. This is the second once iOS only site to add an Android category, Free-App-A-Day has created an Android section as well.

IGN Wireless will be doing more then just gaming coverage though when it comes to Android. They plan to do device reviews, game reviews as well as application reviews. A move like this will hopefully cause more mainstream sites to consider adding an Android section to their sites as a lot currently do not have anything actually dedicated to Android.

The interest is there though and even here at DroidGamers we have major gaming sites following us on Twitter such as GamePro. Should it have taken this long for mainstream media to catch on? I would have hoped not but we aren’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth either. Regardless of who jumps on board now, you can always expect us here at DroidGamers to be at the forefront of the battle to promote games and gaming for Android and solely for Android.

So from all of us here at DroidGamers we would like to welcome the newest addition of support for Android gaming and just Android in general, IGN Wireless! They have kicked off their Android section with about 12 reviews of games so far so if you would like to check them out, head over to IGN Wireless.

Official Post By IGN: IGN Does Android

Website: IGN Wireless

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