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The Final Battle

In the spirit of all things RPG there are many different types to play. You have your more interactive RPGs like Zenonia and Crusade of Destiny, you have your MUD/Rouge style RPGs like NetHack and NetHak. There are also the word RPG games which is like reading a novel. Last you have the point and click type of RPG such as Mystique and this game, The Final battle.

Developed by CrazySoft, The Final Battle is a point and click RPG type of game where essentially you examine things on your screen by tapping on them then figuring out what to do with them. This is similar to the game style the Mystique series of games by Bendroid which are extremely popular. While this particular game doesn’t feature the graphic eye candy you find in Mystique it is boasting a rather large game size.

As you may have guessed the controls are pretty simple…see something you want to use/pickup/combine and tap on it then make your choice from the options that appear. CrazySoft tend to put a lot of humor into their games as well which makes this a more enjoyable/fun game versus a serious RPG.


  • Over 50 locations
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Deep storyline
  • Original music and sounds
  • Support for several languages
  • Lots of riddles and puzzles but also cinematic scenes
  • Automatic game saving
  • Export high scores to the online leaderboard


The full game is roughly 11MB before install is completed so it is a larger game size. When you start playing you are in a prison and you have to get out using the various objects around you. That will pretty much train you for how the rest of the game works if you are new to this style of RPG. It is like a graphical choose-your-own-adventure type of game but with Mystique’s tap/examine game style.

While the trial version is available on the Android market for free, if you want the full game right now you’ll have to head over to their site to purchase it through Paypal and manually install it from the download they give you. Be prepared to be set back $15.95 for the full version but if you are into these types of games then you’ll have no problems dishing that out.

Any comments about whether you would be willing to dish out $15.95 for a game and what type of game would you be willing to drop that amount of cash on? Not saying this game does or doesn’t deserve it, more curious to see what you all think.

Developer Website: CrazySoft

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