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CUBES (Beta)

C.U.B.E.S (beta), developed by The Mob, is a game very similar to iPhones Cube Runner in which you use the Accelerometer to navigate through fields of cubes. Quick rendering 3D graphics and great controls make this beta release something to keep our eyes on to see how this game progresses. The object of the game is to not crash into a cube, your score reflects how long you live.

There are no lives in this game, no second chances. It’s steer and live or crash and die. The controls are simple having you do nothing more then just tilting you phone left or right to steer your little red marker, located at the bottom of the screen, through the field of cubes that come at you. The longer you go without crashing, the harder it gets but the more points you earn as well.


  • Great accelerometer tilt controls
  • Quick rendering 3D graphics
  • Multiple courses (2 right now, more on the way)
  • Real-time scores coming soon



While the game itself looks simple in both eye candy and controls, the difficulty quickly increases the longer you live through the course. The game as it is right now comes with two courses for you to navigate through. More are on the way according to the developer’s notes which is great. Another feature on the way are real-time scores which I’m assuming will be a global high scoreboard.

This game has a lot of potential for how simple it is. Games with simple concepts such as this have become extremely popular. Prime examples would be SpeedX 3D, Prism 3D, Vacuum and Dot Dot. You can grab C.U.B.E.S off the Android market right now for free. Remember this is a beta version so if you find any bug or issues please let the developer know!

Developer Website: The Mob

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