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Project Angel RPG

Project Angel RPG was developed by Dreamwalker who has recently entered the Android arena. This is a classic style RPG game with old school graphics and turn-based gameplay. Based off their non-english version for other mobile devices, Project Angel has a wide range of items (over 100) and over 30 different skills you can discover as you progress through the game.

As a turn-based RPG, Project Angel has a lot of potential. It’s got that Asian mythological look and feel to it, fantasy elements, magic, teams of characters and an almost tactics style movement during battle. There are also element weaknesses and strengths for all characters including enemies. The translation is very well done with only minor grammatical errors once in awhile.

The graphics are the old school detailed 2D style that was often seen in console games back in the day such as on the NES or Sega. These games were more about content then eye candy and Project Angel certainly delivers on the content end of things. Controls can be either touchscreen or Trackball with trackball being a lot better of the two options.


  • Deep storyline
  • Over 100 items to find
  • Over 30 skills to discover
  • Great old school graphics and original music/sounds
  • Touchscreen or Trackball controls
  • Characters are in teams to enhance your possible strategy options


There is one downfall to this game which, being an avid RPG player pretty much all my life this is amazing that I find this as a fault, takes away from the game’s enjoyment and that is the amount of dialog. Before you even do anything in game after pressing start you literally have to scroll through at least 5 minutes (more like 10) of dialog which is broken into 8-10 words per tap/scroll. Deep storylines and dialog is great but too much can actually kill the game for people and this was getting close to that level. There is no skip option for the dialog which should be added or perhaps a bigger dialog window.

However, if you can put up with the excessive dialog then this is actually a pretty solid turn-based RPG game. It brings back a lot of memories of the old school RPGs and if you are a fan of those then you will enjoy this game. You can grab it now off the Android market for free (ad supported). There is also a non-English version should you want the original Taiwanese language dialog (I believe its Taiwanese).

Developer Website: Dreamwalker

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