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Skies of Glory Update

Well it seems as though Skies of Glory’s release has gone exceptionally well and without a hitch, almost. Android users who own an Eris or Hero have been experiencing issues with the game which features live multiplayer across platforms so you can compete against iPhone users in real time. Official word just came down from SGN via their twitter account about the issue.

According to SGN, Hero and Eris owners have been experiencing force closes with the widely popular game, Skies of Glory. After probably receiving numerous emails about it, SGN posted on their twitter account dedicated to Skies of Glory about the situation.

So in the end it seems like Hero and Eris owners are out of luck when it comes to this game. Perhaps in the future it will be fixed but by the sounds of it, that may be a long way off if at all.

Any guesses as to why it would be just these two phones?

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