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Android Gaming Challenge #1

Gaming has evolved since the day it started with the oldest console system. From there it has progressed to 3D multiplayer consoles, Controller-less playing (Kinetic etc) and high-end PC gaming. The next step is mobile. There are tournaments for PC gaming, consoles gaming, team playing and more and some are even televised! Now Android has it’s own official gaming tournament.

What has been in the works for awhile now is finally coming to light. iPhone users don’t really have an official tournament and in fact mobile gaming itself doesn’t. Well it is time that changed and we here at DroidGamers are going to do just that with the introduction of AGC #1. Like the WGC (World Gaming Championships) and other notable gaming tournaments, AGC will pit gamers against one another for prizes.

You think you have what it takes to be the best Android gamer across a variety of different game genres? Then feel free to enter and climb your way to the top spot and win yourself the grand prize package plus recognition as the best Android gamer from AGC #1. We will be hosting a few of these each year with a big finale which we can not talk about yet, it’s that big!

Let’s get into the details shall we?

The Tournament

As mentioned, this is a tournament. No blind luck like every other contest or giveaway but skill, gaming skill. This is how it will all go down.

1) For 5 days we will collect scores of all the people who have entered into the tournament. You will have 5 days to get the highest score you can.

2) After the 5 days the Top 40 players will be put into a ladder and from there it is elimination time.

3) Every day after the ladder is made, players will have 24hrs to beat each other (whomever you are paired against at the time). The winner will move on to the next round. This will continue until we have a final champion.

4) Each round will be a new game so as to avoid people mastering any specific game and keep the playing field even. Games will be across multiple genres so one day it could be a puzzle game, the next it could be an action/shooter game and so on.

5) To enter the tournament, just be here when we announce the starting game, we will announce the highest Top 40 scores and the usernames that they belong to once the 5 day qualifiers have ended. Those people will move into the ladder. Also please post here your username that you will be using and make sure you use your correct email address when posting your comment with your username. If you would rather send us an email with your username as your entry instead of leaving a comment just use our Tip Form.

The Prizes

Prizes will range from free games, gear and swag all the way up to the grand prize package. The grand prize package for the champion of AGC #1 will be a whole bunch of items including a brand new Android phone of your choice, provided by! We will post an official prize list before the tournament starts.

The Rules

  • AGC #1 is open to US residents only! Do not worry my international friends, we are hosting a second AGC right after this one for all the international Android gamers out there!
  • If you cheat, you are out of the tournament, simple as that.
  • Please make sure you have Android 1.6 or higher on your phone. This is nothing more than to ensure compatibility of games for all players.
  • Once in the ladder you will have 24 hours to beat your opponents score, level, achievement (depending on the game that day)
  • Each round will start at approx 10am PST and last till 10am PST the following day. We may introduce a day break here and there to let everyone rest.
  • The first qualifier game involved in the tournament (the first 5 days for everyone) will be officially announced the day the tournament starts. Each game involved in the Ladder will be announced a few hours before each round starts to give everyone plenty of time to get the game and get a little practice in before the round starts.
  • The grand prize winner will receive a package of prizes which will include one (1) brand new Android phone from This is subject to availability at the time of winning.
  • Prizes will also be handed out to the Top 5 players which will be prize packages. Official prize listing will be announced at tournament start.
  • AGC #1 will start qualifiers at approx 10am PST July 30th, 2010
  • Official sponsor list will be posted once it has finished being compiled. If you would like to join as a sponsor please see end of article.
  • Results will be posted and updated daily until tournament ends.
  • All rules are subject to change at any time. Notice will be posted if any rules are modified. A full listing of all the rules (including sponsor rules and qualifications) and details will be made available before tournament starting time.


The Details Summarized

  • Tournament starts approx 10am PST July 30, 2010
  • To enter the tournament, just be here when we announce the starting game, we will announce the highest Top 40 scores and the usernames that they belong to. Those people will move into the ladder. Also please post here your username that you will be using and make sure you use your correct email address when posting your comment with your username.
  • First 5 days are qualifiers for all entries
  • Ladder begins after 5 days of qualifiers, Top 40 players will be placed into the ladder
  • Each Ladder round will last 24hrs starting at 10am PST and ending 10am PST the following day. We may introduce breaks to let people rest. Each round of the ladder will be a different game.
  • The last player standing will be the winner of the Grand Prize package which will include a free new Android phone and listed as Best Android Gamer of AGC #1
  • Top 5 players will also win prizes
  • No cheating
  • We will update scores via our Twitter account as well as post the Ladder results for everyone to see


So what are you waiting for? Get practicing, spread the word and help make AGC #1 a huge success! Good luck to everyone who enters!


Please forward all questions regarding the contest, prizes and anything else to me at 702records [at] gmail [dot] com. If you are a developer or anyone else who wants to be added to the sponsor list by donating prizes to the prize pool or have your game involved in the tournament, please contact me via email as well or through the tip form located at the top of the site, red square icon with “!” inside it, for further details.


Update July 23, 2010 8:55am: Hey everyone, thanks for all the support! It’s truly amazing and this is why the Android community is so great! Here is a quick update to address some questions! I’ll keep posting updates to peoples questions and answers to them so everyone is kept up-to-speed!

1) All games will be free. Even ones that are paid in the market that we will be using will be free to you. Some will be special edition AGC versions which will be free to keep, others will be free for a period of time. So enjoy!

2) Scores will be tracked by Global Leaderboards. Make sure to use your username that you put in your comment on here or in the email you’ve sent us so we can track everyone correctly. If we decide to switch a game and it doesn’t have a global leaderboard then we will just have screenshots sent in. If that happens it won’t be until late in the tournament so only a few people will have to worry about that.

Qualifiers have been extended until August 6th, 2010 10:00am PST. The next round of AGC will start August 8th, 2010 at 10am PST.

Update Aug 6th, 10am PST, 2010: Qualifiers are now over. First Ladder Round starts August 8th, 2010 at 10am PST.

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