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Hell Invades Mars

What is it about retro games, whether truly retro or just styled to look like a retro game, that keeps us coming back for me? Is it the memories it brings back? Is it the simply game that lures us in unlike now where it keeps getting more complicated in one way or another? No idea but Hell Invades Mars, developed by Dan Wolfe, is a great looking retro-styled arcade game.

Paying homage to Beasts, the 1984 DOS game, Hell Invades Mars is a retro arcade game that is fast paced and simple to play but addictive. Controls are about as easy as it gets, 4 directions: Up, Down, Left, Right. Your mission is to save Mars from attacking demons which, as you may have guessed, are from Hell. Sounds like a great B-rated movie.

To destroy the demons, you have to trap them between blocks (by pushing them) and crush the demons in order to save Mars. The graphics look like the are straight out of a retro game you would think you played back in the day.


  • Awesome retro-style graphics
  • Simple controls
  • 5 Difficulty levels
  • Easy to pick up and just play


If you like all the retro game clones that continue to make their way onto the Android market then you will love this game. It reminds of a time where gaming was simple, fun and addictive. Dropping $5 worth of quarters into an arcade game and playing for hours was normal. While there is no free trial to test out Hell Invades Mars, you can grab the full version for only $0.99USD right now on the Android market.

Developer Website: Dan Wolfe

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