Day: 10 August 2010


Flick Defense

Flick Defense, developed by Koala Ballahs (got to love that name), is another good casual game for your Android phone. In this game your job is to defend your castle from waves of stickmen using your arrows and various upgrades you can purchase along the way. If you like the stickman style of art and games then you’ll enjoy this game.


Sheep Slinger!

Have you ever wanted to just grab some sheep, put them in a big slingshot and shoot them into the air to try and hit animals such as flying pigs? Neither have I until now that is. Sheep Slinger, developed by Kymah LLC, lets you fling willing sheep into the air in your attempt to hit as many flying animals as you can until you move onto the next stage.


Google Aquires Jambool

Well Google seems to be on a spending spree as it is being reported that they have just dropped $55million on in-game currency company Jambool. The company Jambool is responsible for their flagship product Social Gold which is an in-game currency for developers of social games to use. This comes after last weeks purchase of Slide and things are starting to look interesting.