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Flick Defense

Flick Defense, developed by Koala Ballahs (got to love that name), is another good casual game for your Android phone. In this game your job is to defend your castle from waves of stickmen using your arrows and various upgrades you can purchase along the way. If you like the stickman style of art and games then you’ll enjoy this game.

Controls are easy, you can either flick your finger across the screen or tap on the screen where you want to shoot and your stickman, located on the top of your castle, will shoot arrows at the enemies. Along the way you will earn gold which, after every level, you can use to purchase various power-ups such as piercing arrows, extra damage, repairs and so on. Once your castle’s hit points goes to zero it’s game over so be sure to repair and don’t let too many of them beat on your castle for too long.


  • Unlimited levels
  • Boss levels
  • 12 upgrades to buy
  • Prize boxes
  • High scores
  • Stickman art!


The game features all drawn art in a cartoon-like style and stickmen. If you’ve every watched any of the stickmen animation movies on the internet then you already know how the animation is in this. There are various types of stickmen enemies as well ranging from fast moving to strong and lots of HP and of course there are the bosses. With unlimited levels there is a lot of replay value in this game as it gets progressively harder as each level passes.

If you are into either stickman type art and games or perhaps just casual gaming then you’ll probably want to pick this up off the market. You can try it out for free with the Lite version or buy the full version for only $0.99USD.

Developer Website: Koala Ballahs Twitter

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