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AGC1 -Sudden Death Is Over

As you may or may not have know we needed to have a sudden death round between two players for the last spot in the semi-finals for the Android Gaming Challenge. It was a very close battle with neither player giving up at any point. In fact it was so close that the only difference in points is just under 700 and it was like that the entire round.

In the sudden death round, Ambiature versus mober22 there could only be one person moving on although both fought like crazy. So without further delay here is the winner of the sudden death round and the last spot for the semi-finals:


A big congrats to both players though! Here is a screenshot of just on part of the ladder for the game they were playing which was Time Chaos by OrangePixel. The leader board was located on RumbleX. Here is a bit of a neat piece of news, both players now also hold the Top All Time scores 1st and 2nd place for Time Chaos.

So here is what the ladder looks like after this sudden death round. The semi-finals will start Monday August 16th, 2010 at 10am PST and will last 24 hrs just like any other round except it’s a three way battle. Since this is the semi-final round, the game will be announced closer to start time so there will be little or no practice time so get your rest in now!

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So get your rest in while you can, we will see everyone here tomorrow at 10am PST for the start of the semi-finals!

I know you are wondering about the surprise as well that I mentioned would be coming after round 3. I’ll be sending everyone’s names to Herocraft as they have something planned for one or two people but I believe it’ll be random drawing. I’ll post whatever they come up with in a new post.

Good Luck!

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