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Hella Umbrella Coming Soon

Hella Umbrella, developed by Ramblin’ Wreckage, is a very unique platformer coming soon to the Android market. While admittedly right now the Android market lacks a good selection of platformers with few being good to play, Hella Umbrella is set to change this and features some crazy gameplay elements yet to be seen in an Android platformer game.

Each stage of the game is one big puzzle you have to navigate through in order to proceed to the next however easy that may sound, the element of your world having the ability to turn really throws in a new challenge. You will be breaking the laws of gravity all over the place in this game while overcoming obstacles.

Shown off at the Dare to be Digital 2010 conference going on right now which Ramblin’ Wreckage is taking a part of, this game features more ‘cute’ style graphics and as Ramblin’ Wreckage explains was inspired in some ways by the hit game LittleBigPlanet. You’ll be able to manipulate gravity, customize your character and choose between story mode or any of the user generated levels. Did I mention it comes with a free level editor?

As it stands right now this game is shaping up to be a very entertaining and enjoyable title and could easily be the next big hit on the Android market. When will this game be released? No word of exactly when has been mentioned just yet but it shouldn’t be too much of a wait. Oh and what is even better, the entire game will be free.

Feel free to check out the videos we have here or head over to the developers website to find out more details and keep an eye on when it is released. Dare to be Digital is the proving ground for computer science and art students who are designing video games and is being held this year at University of Abertay Dundee. For more information on Dare to be Digital 2010 head on over to the official site.

Interesting bit of info from the interview, they were originally going to make this for the iPhone but after some suggestions to the contrary they switched to making it for Android and have been happy about that change ever since.

Developer Website: Ramblin’ Wreckage

Website Referenced: PocketGamer Interview with Ramblin’ Wreckage

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