Day: 17 August 2010


Tap Snake: Snake Clone That Spies On You

As of late there have been a bunch of reports about viruses either for Android phones or just technology in general. While most don’t even make the average user flinch, the one about the hidden premium text messages was pretty good. Enter Tap Snake. Tap Snake while being a mediocre Snake game clone has two hidden features.


Galcon Comes To Android

The very popular game iPhone Galcon, developed by Hassey Enterprises Inc, has finally landed on the Android market. Most people who have owned an iPhone at some point have probably also played this game. While there are already games similar to this on the Android market, most people liken this to being one of the best versions of this sort of game.


Dante: The Inferno

We haven’t heard a lot from developers JavaGround Inc who developed the cross-platform tactics game Uniwar for Android and the iPhone. Going under the name TBS Games on the Android market, they released a new game not too long ago called Dante: The Inferno which is a top-down Diablo II style game based around getting out of hell and saving souls.


AGC1 – Semi-Final Results

The semi-final round for the first Android Gaming Challenge has just ended and it certainly wasn’t an easy game to play. A special golf course was designed for tournament players in the Mini Golf’oid game and the scores were as impressive as ever. However the ladder is not complete as there will be yet another sudden death tie-breaker between two players.


PSP GO-like Android Phone Update

Almost a week ago reports circulated around starting with Engadget then us and everyone else about a possible phone being developed by Sony Ericsson resembling the PSP GO and supposedly running Android 3.0 upon release. Obviously to everyone who comes here this is like a wet dream to us. More information was needed so the digging started.