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FallDown 3D

This game isn’t exactly new, in fact it has been around for a bit. It is also not the only game of this type on the market. However it does offer a completely different view point then most of this tunnel racing genre in that instead of rolling horizontally or flying through the tunnel, you are actually falling downward through the tunnel.

As with all these types of games your controls are easy enough to learn, difficult to master. All you need to do is tilt your device in the direction you want you ball to go which you need to learn quickly as you have to dodge obstacles on your way down each stage. As you progress through the stages they get increasingly more difficult.


  • Smooth 3D graphic rending (don’t let my terrible screenshots fool you)
  • Good accelerometer based tilt controls
  • Social gaming support via Papaya Mobile
  • Global High Scoreboards


For some reason a lot of people are getting stuck on level 5. The developer posted a tip that, should you get stuck trying to pass level 5, just put the phone on it’s back on a flat service and look down at it as if you were falling down through the screen. Nifty huh? The graphics render nicely and have that industrial look you would find in an older Duke Nukem game.

If you enjoy these sort of tunnel racing games then you should definitely check this one out if for no other reason that it offers up a different perspective for to you to play as. You can grab the full version of FallDown 3D off the Android market for free.

Developer Website: Gabor Auth

Direct Market Link: FallDown 3D

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRFallDown3D.png{/rokbox}

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