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AGC1 – Final Results

It has been a very long journey for these remaining six competitors which has finally come to an end as this Finals round is now over. Everyone fought to the bitter end not only in this game but all of the games since Day 1. Now it is time to announce who won and is crowned Champion and the runner-ups! All of them deserve a huge congrats though.

First I want to take a minute and just mention how impressed I have been with the sportsmanship involved in this tournament. Unlike most tournaments that usually sport some sort of trash talking, AGC had absolutely none and in fact quite the opposite. Also everyone from the Top 40 to now were great with the feedback which will help us make AGC2 even better!

With that said it is time now to present the winners of the first ever Android Gaming Challenge!

1st place and Champion: TKDjosh – Motorola Droid

2nd place: Kadenstern – Nexus One

3rd place: regor412 – Motorola Droid

4th place: Wardawg – Droid X

5th place: Ambiature – G1

6th place: KiwknikK – Motorola Droid

If you are interested in seeing what prize package each one of these six remaining competitors won feel free to check out our previous post listing all the prizes for each placing. These are the six top Android gamers in the US and so everyone should give these guys a huge congrats as it was definitely not easy to make it to this point.

Each winner will be contacted via email to get your details so you can receive your prize packages. Here is a look at the final ladder standings:

Click image to enlarge

I would also like to thank all of our sponsors who were there to make this a great first ever Android Gaming Challenge by donating prizes and time.


  • Scoreloop – Donated free new Dell Streak Android Tablet
  • Wirefly – Donated free new Android phone
  • Hyperbees – Prism 3D AGC Edition plus free games/apps for life donated to Top 3 winners
  • AndroidSWAG – Donated custom one-of-a-kind watches for Top 3 winners
  • Battery Powered Games – Antigen:Outbreak AGC Edition plus donated games/t-shirts/stickers to the winners
  • OrangePixel – DynamoKid Run AGC Edition/Time Chaos plus donated games to the winners
  • Game Gripper – Donated Game Grippers to the Top 3 winners
  • Herocraft – Farm Frenzy AGC Edition as well as donated lots of games to the winners
  • Camel Games – Donated a free game to winners
  • PierroX – Mini Golf’oid AGC Edition with custom course
  • NTT Studios LTD – Up In The Arrr! AGC Edition
  • Felix Deimel – Sketchwars AGC Edition
  • Extreme Themes – Donated free themes for winners


Please give them a shout out and a thank you in some form or another whether by Twitter, email or just checking out their sites as they all have devoted a lot of time to making this work, making special AGC edition games and donating all the prizes for this event.

And also a massive thank you for everyone who participated in the first ever Android Gaming Challenge since Day 1! The response was incredible and we have another one planned for the near future. We also have other tournaments planned, one of which we should be announcing next week which, yet again, will be a first of it’s kind so don’t go too far or you’ll miss the details on that one!

Again a huge congrats to all the winners of AGC1! Just an amazing competition!

Update August 21, 2010: Here is an example of what the one-of-a-kind watches provided by AndroidSWAG will look like. This one in particular is the Champion’s watch. Second and third place also get a watch which says their placing at the bottom. This is just a mock-up to give you an idea of what they will look like.

Click image to enlarge

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