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Angry Birds Coming End Of August

We have been reporting on Angry Birds by developer Rovio ever since it was announced that it would be making it’s way over to the Android platform which was a couple of months ago. Since then we have posted updates about it and even a video showing Angry birds being played on a Droid. Well for all of you waiting for this game, your waiting is almost over.

If you don’t know what Angry Birds is, it is currently the App Stores #1 game and has been for quite some time. Mixing birds and evil pigs in a great physics game, Angry Bird provides hours of fun and humor. The object of the game is to demolish buildings each stage by using a sling shot and shooting your birds into the air at the buildings. While destroying the building you also have to take care in making sure you eliminate the evil pigs. Some birds have special abilities as well like the tri-shot bird that, when you tap the screen, will split into three smaller birds for a sort of scatter shot.

In our quest to get our grubby little hands on a copy of Angry Birds asap we contacted Rovio to see if a more official date had been set as it was previously stated that it would be out by the end of summer. Well that time is coming and with that in mind we went ahead and asked them and we were told it would be out hopefully by the end of August.

So we can expect to see Angry Birds within the next couple of weeks hopefully and you can expect us to be reviewing it the moment we get a copy. No word on an exact price yet. So who here is looking forward to playing Angry Birds?

Developer Website: Rovio

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