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Google Makes Another Gaming Purchase

Google obviously hasn’t slowed down in the least when it comes to gaming especially in the social arena even with Mark Deloura leaving last week. Google has confirmed another purchase, this time it is SocialDeck. SocialDesk is a Canadian based social gaming company which is still basically a start-up but apparently they have something that Google wanted.

SocialDeck started in 2008 with the idea that gaming should be anywhere, anytime for anyone and has developed it’s own social gaming platform. The company has already released several titles across iPhone, Facebook and Blackberry platforms and it is a safe bet that Android will be added to that list very soon.

SocialDeck’s social platform allows for simultaneous game play across multiple mobile devices and social networks which isn’t anything new. There are already SDK’s out that do the same thing or relatively close to it so it must be something in how this functionality is delivered that has snagged Googles interest.

“SocialDeck’s team and technology is a perfect addition to our current team of engineers in Waterloo, (Ont.), to continue to innovate in the social and mobile web,” said Google Canada spokeswoman Wendy Rozeluk.

This is just another addition to Google’s spending spree lately which has consisted of a huge investment into Zygna and the purchases of Slide and Jambool (Social Gold) and small investments in other social gaming companies such as ngmoco (by Google Ventures though). Google does have a plan but as to exactly what there isn’t a whole lot of details released but Android is a part of it.

No details about how much the purchase was for have been released.

Website Referenced: Winnipeg Free Press via TechCrunch

Developer Website: SocialDeck

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