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No More Avatar HD from Gameloft?

We aren’t exactly sure when this happened aside from very recently but if you are one of the gamers who bought Avatar HD from Gameloft you might want to be glad you were quick at doing so. It seems that Avatar HD has been pulled from the site, both the free trial and the full version. The reason behind this is also unknown at this time.

Currently waiting to hear back from Gameloft, although their support can be slow at time so we aren’t holding our breath in getting a timely answer, we can only speculate the cause of the game being pulled from the site. When we reported on it not too long ago we didn’t receive any comments stating that there were issues with the game itself so we can only imagine it has something to do with Copyrights. Again though this is only speculation as it could very well be an issue with the game and that no one has mentioned it.

Gameloft has had a history of new game releases going wrong first regarding their original DRM policy and then with actual issues with a lot of the games not working. Hopefully this isn’t a permanent move with pulling Avatar HD off the site and that we will see it back and available for purchase soon since it looks like a great game.

We will post an update when we find out more. If you were one of the lucky people to have gotten a copy of Avatar HD, did you notice anything wrong with the game such as errors or gameplay issues?

Thanks for the tip Andrea!

Developer Website: Gameloft

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