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Corona Game Edition SDK by Ansca Mobile

Are you trying to develop a game by yourself or with a small group of people but don’t have the $1500-3000 for that sweet commercial developer kit you’ve been wanting. Well there are some alternatives and one is the newly released Corona Game Edition SDK by Ansca Mobile which offers cross-platform game development including for Android.

The Corona Game Edition SDK can be used to make games using the same code but for multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad and Android). It actually comes with a few tools you might find especially useful such as a physics engine and also the ability to auto-format graphics for each mobile device you are developing your game for.

Their new tools were released the other day (Sept 16, 2010) and can be used for both porting existing games or creating news ones. Walter Luh, co-founder of the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company, said the tools can be used to create more sophisticated games that mobile users are beginning to demand. This is certainly true, slide puzzles are not cutting it anymore and we already have 100,000 of them.

The Corona SDK costs $249 a year, and the Corona Game Edition is $349 a year. Not bad for a commercial SDK. You can, however, download the Beta which is a free 30-day trial.

Developer Website: Ansca Mobile

Website Referenced: Venture Beat

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