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More 3D Glasses-Free Android Gaming

3D has been all the rage lately when it comes to technology news. Everything from 3D movies in your home to 3D console gaming and everything in between. Lately over the last week it has even spread into the mobile world which is great considering 3D gaming on Android would be fantastic, especially when it is glasses-free mobile gaming.

A few days ago we posted about a couple of companies coming together and bringing 3D mobile to Android with a prototype device that was shown at GTC 2010 last week. Specifically, gaming on this device was demonstrated but even with applications, 3D interaction and graphics is always a plus. The device shown at GTC 2010 was also a glasses-free 3D device which means you wouldn’t have to wear a bulky pair of glasses to enjoy the 3D eye candy while playing on your phone.

Well it seems there are more then one solution to 3D glasses-free mobile gaming and this new one is a simple little lens you attach to your phone which will in turn allow you to enjoy 3D content without the need for glasses or any other futuristic looking plastic having to be attached to your face.

Created by Spatial View, 3DeeSlide is a lens that easily clips onto your phone which, with content designed for 3D, will allow you to having 3D mobile content viewable on your phone. It also works in both Landscape and Portrait mode so it won’t matter which view you need to have your phone in. Top that off with a low price point and you’ve got yourself a winner when it comes to finding a quick solution for any person wanting 3D mobile content.

The iPhone version has been suggested to cost under $20 so you can expect the Android version to be around that price range as well although I’m sure make/model of your Android phone will come into play regarding pricing. We can expect to see an Android version available by late fall or early winter. Great isn’t it except for where do you find 3D content to use this with?

It’s alright as Spatial View also has an application that will be available that will have all kinds of content for you to play with while using your 3DeeSlide which will be called 3DeeCentral. Of course if developers want to release their 3D content onto the Android market separately they can. There is also an iPad version being developed so it is only a matter of time before Android tablets get their own 3DeeSlide screens!

Website Referenced: AndroidTapp

Developer Website: Spatial View

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