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Success Story: Android’s Biggest Beta Test

Usually we would write about a little indie Android game developer who has made it big on the Android platform with their game. However this is a bit different as it actually pertains to a major developer, Rovio. Angry Birds is already a smash hit on the iPhone, ranked #1, and we knew it would be a success on Android. Well here is just how much it is a success.

Rovio released the beta version of Angry Birds for Android only a couple of weeks ago. Originally planned as a private beta, the response was so overwhelming that Rovio decided to make it a public beta instead. Fast forward to now and we are seeing reports that Angry Birds Beta, yeah the beta, has broken the 1 million downloads mark effectively making this one of the biggest betas for Android.

With the popularity of this game in just it’s beta form, Rovio can easily see that the full version will meet much of the same success it’s cousin, the beta, has seen. Do the math on a full version having the same amount of downloads and you’ve got one great successful game title. We all knew that Angry Birds would make it big on Android but I think we have all been surprised by just how successful it has been so far.

Not the longest story in the world but every iPhone developer who has a hit game should take a look at this scenario and learn from it. Realize that success on the Android market is not hard to accomplish if you have a unique, engaging and entertaining title to offer gamers. Listen to the feedback, make improvements and keep your games high in quality and original and you should see some great things on the android platform.

Some developers have already witnessed this success first hand such as Fruit Ninja while others have seen it in the news and decided to make the jump such as ngmoco who plans to release their games onto the Android platform starting with We Rule later this year. It’s time to realize Android is where it’s at and bring your high quality games to Android gamers.

Have no fear my Android gamer friends, the full version is due out any day now!

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