Day: 4 October 2010


Exclusive Sneak Peek at Cestos 2: Party Time Beta!

Remember Cestos from Chickenbrick Studios? It was one of the more popular games back in the earlier days of Android with the ability to have multiplayer games. Well ChickenBrick hasn’t been sleeping all this time, and Cestos 2 is now in beta. Luckily for you, we are in the Beta and feel the need to give you all a sneak peek at this new, awesome game.


Quick News: Android Game Releases, Updates and More

From time to time when there is a lot of news but a lot of it isn’t long enough to post you’ll see something like this article. This will let you know of things such as updates to games, re-releases of games and any other Android gaming news. Sometimes there will be a lot and others not so much but it’ll be quick and to the point and humorous sometimes.


Babo Crash Deluxe comes to Android

Match-3 games…there’s a slew of them available for Android but maybe 20% of them are great while the other 80% offers nothing unique or exciting. Babo Crash Deluxe has made it’s was from iOS to Android bringing with it the same great match-3 type of game you enjoy but with a lot more including crazy graphics, characters and phone rotating.

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MiniSquadron Review

Bi-planes, jets, UFOs, guns, explosions and Beethoven… or is it Mozart? I’m not too sure. MiniSquadron combines them all into one beautifully crafted game. Now, I bet you’re wondering how Mozart and Beethoven can possibly go together with explosions and planes. Well, my friends, I’ll tell you how!


Vodafone Opens Gamefly-style service for Android Games

You know Gamefly right? If you haven’t heard of Gamefly what they do is offer unlimited game rentals for a flat monthly fee for console/PC games. Think of it as the Netflix of the console gaming world. Vodafone has decided to take that idea and combined it with the world of Android gaming to offer mobile gamers all the games you could want for a monthly fee.