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Zombie Defense – Tower defense game with Zombies

We always try to find unique and interesting games to talk about and when it comes to Tower Defense games developers are always trying to come up with new ways to enhance the same enjoyment a large amount of us find in this sort of genre. Meet Zombie Defense by Dromedary LLC which is a neat 3D-ish tower defense game with zombies!

The game itself is a unique night/day concept where by day you can scavenger around for supplies like bullets, bombs and whatever else you can find. You’ll also be able to help improve your fortifications at this time as well but when night falls it is all about blasting hordes of zombies in order to survive.

You’ll have four characters and a map with various locations at your disposal as well as a nice selection of weapons. Each character/survivor in the game has different attributes as well such as accuracy and reload time. Oh, did I mention you have all four characters at the same time?


  • Four character gameplay
  • Night/Day concept
  • Various map locations
  • Weapons and gear to collect
  • 3D-ish top down graphics
  • Zombies!



In the end there are some issues with the game people are having, specifically with Samsung devices but a fix is on its way. If you enjoy tower defense games then you’ll want to check Zombie Defense out as it offers up a unique concept and gameplay style you don’t find in your average tower defense games. has’s hard to not like a game that has zombies and guns in it.

Developers Website: Dromedary LLC

Direct Market Link: Zombie Defense

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