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G2 repairs self on reboot when rooted

Well here’s some shocking news coming from the xda-developers forums – according to what we have learned so far, the G2 will ‘repair’ itself when rebooted if you root it. While not completely gaming related, we do have a lot of ROM users who are into Android gaming, so think of this as a PSA.

What does this mean? Basically, it will fix any files that are changed during the rooting process, which is essentially returning your phone back to stock Android. Unless you plan to never reboot your phone, at some time or another, it will turn off and you will lose your root.

As the New America Foundation says, the G2 contains a microchip which prevents any modifications to the device’s software.

This also means that, unless a workaround is found, the G2 will remain a stock Android phone. This does have it’s advantages such as quick Android OS updates, less worry about bugs in ROMs and game compatibility but on the flip side this eliminates the choice users now have regarding their new phone and what it runs. All previous T-Mobile devices were root-able so why this one isn’t makes no sense to me.

This blew up in AT&T’s face when they locked down their Android devices… this will only end badly for T-Mobile if a workaround isn’t found. However, if rooting is not your concern then this means little to you and the G2 is still an excellent gaming phone to consider getting. If you like rooting your phone, bought a G2, and have been eagerly waiting root, this is disappointing news.

Thoughts, anyone?

Update: I still think we will eventually see root – judging by Twitter responses, people are more motivated now to root the G2, but it may take a while.

Website Referenced: Gizmodo

Developer Website: XDA-Forums

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