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GamerShots launches free app/game promotion for developers

GamerShots has released a small (4kb) SDK for developer to use in order to promote their application or game to GamerShots members. You can use a free or a pay-per-install promotion package to help promote your game to members. If you charge per download, GamerShots members will receive incentive points towards their account.

GamerShots is a social gaming network which rewards players with incentive points, badges, titles and more for playing games. The official press release is below…

GamerShots launches free app promotion for Android developers

October 8, 2010 – GamerShots announces a new program for Android developers offering to help promote developers’ apps for free. By going to developers can choose to set their price per install amount to free or they can input a price which makes the app worth incentive points to downloaders. Each app whether promoted with incentive points or not will be listed within the GamerShots Games & Apps directory with a link to the app’s own profile.

Each app profile has a “Download” button displayed to Android users that have not already installed and opened the app from GamerShots. The “Download” button links directly to the app’s detailed profile on the Android market. In addition to the “Download” button is also the “Become a fan” and “Leave a comment” buttons providing additional ways for the users to connect with the developers and for the developers to build a larger user base.

Incentive points are points earned within the GamerShots network and collected from commenting, publishing status updates, rating images, following other users as well as installing apps that have a pay-per-install price above zero. The points have been a great way for GamerShots to encourage it’s members to engage with one another and unlock various titles and badges as well as provide an opportunity for developers to offer an incentive for downloading.

Once the developer has registered they can then update info about their app and download and install the lightweight SDK, 4 kb. After the SDK is integrated within the app and marked as installed from the developer dashboard the app will go live into the GamerShots Games & Apps directory and be available to all GamerShots users.

To find out more about the GamerShots Developer program please visit

To find out more about GamerShots the social gaming network please visit

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