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Beats, Advanced Rythm Game – And you thought DDR games were dead

Beware, Dance Dance Revolution has gone mobile. You thought DDR and their offspring were dead did you? As a former FlashFlashRevoultion player, I know full well the addictiveness of these games. However, custom step packs and songs which you, yourself, can put into the game? That’s just one more reason to get addicted to this game.

Beats, Advanced Rhythm is a DDR style game for your Android phone. It plays just like DDR, FFR, or any other variant in that arrows comes down the screen and as they reach the outlined arrows you tap on your screen. While currently in its beta form, you’ll have to manually install songs/step files that you want to play but a future update should have an integrated pack installer to make things easier.

The game does come with some sample songs and step files but if you are wanting to play your own songs and step file you can head over to StepMania to get some step files and install them yourself along with whatever song you want to play. This pretty much gives this game an unlimited amount of replay value as you will always be able to play whatever song you want.

We have included both StepMania and the StepMania Directory links below. You should be able to find just about everything you need to play just about any song you want on these two sites but there are a ton of resources out there so feel free to explore elsewhere. We have posted a small guide the developers have put up on how to install your own music/step files in our Tutorials section so if you have any problems just head over there!

There are a lot of addicting games coming out these days for Android, not that I’m complaining. Perhaps a section might open up on the site or at least the forums for user-made custom packs for this game! Until then good luck getting any work done!

Developer Website: Keripo

Direct Market Link: Beats, Advanced Rhythm

Resources: StepMania | StepMania Directory

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