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Gameloft to Bring Exclusive Games to Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s hot new tablet device launching later this year on all 4 national carriers will be getting some exclusive love from developer GameLoft. Apparently, at launch GameLoft will have two exclusive Tab‘s US launch titles. It’s also revealed that Samsung has formed a partnership with the Financial Times for apps based on HTML5.

Little is known about the games or how they will remain “exclusive”, unless Samsung plans to use their own app market for the device. A store with exclusive content would be a rather expected addition by Samsung as Android in it’s current form supports only up to WVGA resolution; the Tab, having a much higher resolution screen will require scaling on the software side by games to accommodate the larger and more dense screen. Since Android games are designed to be pixel-independent (meaning the resolution it’s made in is irrelevant) with Android’s framework it’s expected these games should scale down for smartphones as well. Also a recent partnership between The Financial Times and Samsung will breed the world’s first HTML5 based app, likely an eBook reader of some sort and will be available shortly.

Source: Inquirer

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