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Update: Samsung working on unlocked Android phones for the US, may not be called the Nexus Two

Hate to be the bringer of bad news but it seems as though PCMag has done some digging around and found some new information regarding the Nexus Two, Samsung’s Nov. 8th announcement and unlocked phones. While not all bad news, regarding the Nexus Two it might make some people rather unhappy to say the least.

PCMag contributor Sascha Segan apparently did some digging around with their own connections in the mobile world. What they found out is that yes, Samsung is working on bringing unlocked phones to the US as did Google attempt to with the Nexus One. However, PCMag is saying that what Gizmodo reported on isn’t coming Nov.8 during Samsung’s announcement and it may not even be called the Nexus Two.

According to Google’s Andy Rubin:

“Making unlocked phones available in the U.S. is still a possibility. Whether that’s simply acquired only online or through traditional retail channels – that’s what got canceled. So we have to decide how to make unlocked phones available in the U.S” – PCMag interview with Andy Rubin, October

While the phone pictured in the Gizmodo mock-up is being worked on, it remains unnamed and it will be unlocked and will not be announced Nov. 8th, 2010 at the Samsung event. This could be the phone from Samsung (GT-i9010) however that was just found passing through the FCC. As with everything though, it is always best to take it with a grain of salt. Who knows, perhaps the sources PCMag contacted are just kicking up dust until the Nov.8 event.

If a Nexus Two is coming, whether from Samsung or not, it won’t be happening on Nov. 8th, 2010 as far as PCMag is concerned which follows right up with our article as to why it won’t be announced at the Samsung event.

Website Referenced: PCMag

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