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Android Playstation Phone update – more pictures and specs

Another day another update, that seems to be the trend right now regarding the rumored Sony Android Playstation phone, not that we are complaining. Today’s update comes in the form of more pictures, some of which show a few more of the current specs that are at least being used in this prototype version that is being photographed.

Right off the jump you’ll notice that this current prototype being photographed is actually running Android 2.2 although Engadget’s source is saying that there are multiple devices running multiple versions of Android with at least one running Gingerbread.


For storage this little device has an 8GB microSD Card slotted while the internal storage is reporting to only have 512MB. Originally it was rumored that there would be at least 1GB of internal storage for the Android Playstation phone. For what this phone is suppose to be used for, 512MB of internal storage is not a whole lot so hopefully we will see a lot more space when it goes public for sale.

One of the pictures also confirms that the codename is indeed Zeus. Overall though not a whole lot more information, just some more photos and as always, when more information becomes available, we will report on it.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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