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id Software not commited to a product but will try to port Rage to Android

In what seems to be a little bit of back-peddling, John Carmack released a bit of a statement regarding Rage coming to Android and id Software’s stance on the whole thing. It has been rumored that Rage would be coming to Android, especially with id Software’s past job listing that was looking for an Android developer among other things.

Today John Carmack said that while he was going to take a crack at porting Rage to Android, id Software has not committed to an actual product. I’m guessing this is going to come down to how well it can be ported so instead of saying anything outright about doing it or committing to it, id Software is going to test the waters out first.

Hopefully this actually pans out and we see Rage come to the Android platform as the demand for high caliber games is very real. Obviously a game like this will only be able to be played on newer Android devices but that shouldn’t make much difference regarding id Software’s decision to actually commit to this project.

Sounds a lot like the whole Unreal Engine 3 supporting Android already although everyone over at Epic still refuses to come right out and say something officially about UE3 supporting Android.

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