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KamiCrazy Retro coming to Android soon

Awhile back there was a game called KamiCrazy which some of you who owned (or still do own) an iPhone may remember. It was pretty popular when it came out and now developers Paw Print Games is set to release a retro version of KamiCrazy which is named, you guessed it… KamiCrazy Retro. This game features some great 3D-ish retro styled graphics.

When I say retro, in this case, it is really retro looking. KamiCrazy Retro is a Lemmings-style game but not only is the lemmings style of gameplay involved, you have the added task of collecting as many points as you can while trying to get as many of your KamiCrazy guys to the exit of each level safely.

While there isn’t a whole lot of information known yet about the Retro version of KamiCrazy, after some digging we did find a few things. There will be 5 themes (or worlds) with a total of 60 levels along with bonus content. Other than that there isn’t a whole lot known including how many types of KamiCrazy guys there will be or what the bonus content consists of.

The game is basically a mix of platformer and strategy which combines to create a pretty interesting and challenging game. As for price and release date, nothing specific has been mentioned, only that it is currently being ‘polished up’ and should be made available very soon. Until then, check out the demo video below!

Developer Website: Paw Print Games

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