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Zynga releases Poker game instead of Farmville first

As you are probably already aware, the Facebook mobile event is going on right now. While there is a lot of information coming from this event related to Android, when it comes to gaming there has been little noise made. Well except the fact that Zynga will be releasing it’s Poker game first instead of Farmville. Why? Find out after the break.

So why is it that Zynga would release their Poker game instead of Farmville first? Well that is just what they do when testing out new markets. Instead of releasing their top game, they release their Poker game, watch how it does and go from there.

“This is the first game we launched on the Facebook platform in 2007,” said Justin Cinicolo, general manager of Zynga Mobile. “It’s the first game we internationalized.”

Currently Zynga Poker pulls in roughly 6 million players a day so it is definitely not a small game either. It is more middle ground which is why they use it for testing out new markets. If all goes well we should see Farmville pretty soon as well. One feature not to be overlooked though is the fact that Zynga Poker will use the Single Sign-on feature Facebook uses. No need to worry about more passwords, just use your Facebook login.


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