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Reckless Racing developers Pixelbrite applaud use of LocDirect

Reckless Racing is one of the better, if not the best, racing game available for Android devices. Between that and Pocket Racing you should have a pretty good grasp on your racing game addiction. Interestingly enough, Pixelbrite has come out to say that part of their success is in thanks to LocDirect which helped in the localization process.

“Localize Direct’s system has catered for every localization need we’ve had so far.” Commented Mattias Olsson, Managing Director of Pixelbite Games. “It’s considered a must have in the suite of development tools we’re using today. We highly recommend it to any developer targeting the international market.”

Localize Direct offer a suite of tools for localization purposes called LocDirect which cover pretty much every avenue you would need to cover when bringing your game to the international crowd. Text, Content, Audio, Dialogue and API to be exact. The fact that Pixelbrite is so supportive of this system of localizing your game, we felt we had to write about it as well in case one of you developers out there have been looking for a better way to localize your game (or application).

“Massive congratulations to Pixelbite Games and their success with Reckless Racing. It’s an amazing game and I’m glad that we could help the team focus on their core strengths. Their adoption of our middleware ensured that creative talents wouldn’t get bogged down with localization issues.” said Michael Souto, Business development director at LocalizeDirect. “It also allows us to promote the fact that LocDirect is a tool that can help with loc demands of all sizes. The management of localization assets can be a development nightmare whether there are two thousand or two million words.”

There is no direct pricing on the companies website but what we did read is that licenses are a monthly fee which would lead us to believe it should be pretty manageable for most developers. If you use this or are planning to use this service, let us know how your experience went with it.

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