Day: November 11, 2010

Game News

[Update] Warzone – Updates coming soon!

SigmaSoft has contacted us adding that warzone will be recieving two major updates in the near future. Warzone developer, Sigmasoft has decided to lower the price of Warzone to 99 cents – at least for now. As the game improves the price will probably increase but right now its a solid deal for content like this and with more coming soon you should get in while you still can! [Video after break]

Game News

Hit Flash game Steambirds now available for Android

Steambirds started life out as a Flash game online originally developed by Spry Fox. Semi Secret, developers of the cult classic Flash game Canabalt, got a hold of it and it has become very popular since it was released and has now made its way to iPhone and Android Markets. This is a turn-based combat/strategy game with some pretty fun graphics, set in a dogfighting style game.