Day: 12 November 2010

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Everlands Review – Fight the Evil Bunnies!

A great contagion of purpleness has overtaken the animal kingdom in this challenging, turn-based strategy, and it’s your job to fix it. Pick the right furries for the job, and you’ll restore order in no time. Everlands is a relatively deep, turn-based strategy game in which you are tasked with fighting the great purple legions of corrupted forest animals.

Reviews 1

Scratch Down by MDP Mobile review

“ScratchDown is a casual-style scratch & guess game available for the Android Market. It is fun and immediately accessible to players of all ages.”- MDP Mobile. This simple description does a decent job of summing up just what kind of game ScratchDown is. It also gives insight to the type of players who may be interested.


Amlogic introduces ARM Cortex-A9 SOC with powerful GPU

ARM’s promise with Cortex A-9 chips has been tremendous. Will they really keep up with modern games, especially the pace there moving at today? Not only does it support the newest CPU’s available, similar to the ones’s Samsung is working on. It will also include a much improved (and needed) GPU improvement  for video quality in games, this will be likely on tablets and high-end smartphones.