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Eric Schmidt announces Gingerbread in a few weeks, shows ‘unnamed’ Android phone

So right now Eric Schmidt is talking at the Web 2.0 Summit and while most of us had dismissed the idea of anything really Android related being mentioned, we all tuned in anyways just in case. Well we were not disappointed at all! Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, announced a little bit of information about Gingerbread while waving around a new phone!

According to Eric Schmidt, Gingerbread will be available ‘in the next few weeks’. While that was pretty much a given anyways, even more interesting is the fact he was waving around a ‘yet unnamed/branded phone’ running Gingerbread! He was tight lipped about what phone that is but it looks a hell of a lot like the Nexus S by Samsung.


Ironically, the ‘origin’ of the phone was convienently taped over so it wasn’t visible. Quite the nice little surprise regarding Gingerbread and seeing the ‘Nexus S’ being waved around by Eric Schmidt (if it indeed is the Nexus S).

Website Referenced: Web 2.0 Summit

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