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TibiaME MMORPG – run and play it on your Android phone

TibiaME is a cool retro style mmorpg game that is based off the PC version, Tibia. While digging around for whether or not there is a version to play on your Android phone, we found that while there is nothing official yet, you can play the game using a J2ME Runner which allows you to play full java games on your Android phone.

A player named Solaku has created a client of TibiaME (based off the newest version 1.7) to run with J2ME Runner for Android allowing players with Android phones to connect and be able to play this MMORPG. TibiaMe is a full MMORPG with quests, items, dungeons, PvP and more. It is free to play but you also have the option of purchasing premium items in-game as well.

All you would have to do is download the client and then download the Java J2ME Runner for Android and you are good to go. After installing both you will download a bunch of game data and then sign-in. If you don’t have a physical keyboard to type you can use the virtual one by long pressing the settings button on your phone to bring it up while the game is running.

Photos from iPhone version


When playing the game though the screen is very small and I don’t think there is much in the way of option regarding how to enlarge it at this time so be aware of that if you are planning to play TibiaME. We are waiting on official word from the developers CipSoft as to whether or not they plan to make an official Android version, there is one for the iPhone so I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

You can also help out by supporting a thread on the TibiaME forums regarding the development of an Android version. While probably not the best way to play the game, if you need your TibiaME fix, this is one way to do it until an official version for Android is available.

Developer Website: CipSoft (Non-English)

Official Game site: TibiaME

Download Android Client: TibiaME for Android


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