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Sony RIA software engineer job listing spotted – speculation galore

Sony’s listed another Android job posting and it may be related to the last. Could it be improvement on previous products or ones we don’t know about yet? Is it cross platform integration we’ve been hearing about for a while or maybe something we’ve never considered. DroidGamers speculates.

Once again we speculate on the future of Sony’s relationship with Android. Here are just a few of our ideas we want to share with you guys but we really want opinions from you as well.

  • 3D Store interface for Playstation phone – it just makes sense. Sony has worked hard designing their new store app for the PS3 and PSP and consistency between platforms is vital if they want to market them as related in the current climate of ever increasing convergence in consumer electronics and the easiest way to do that is the build off of something the customer already knows. The previous job posting we reported on also specifically mentioned the ability to develop and work with cloud storage systems like Amazon’s.
  • Applications for Android – Sony seems to be embracing Android as fully as they can in the hardware department and maybe they’ll bring some of their software to mobile as well. Sony has yet to bring many of their other properties (Sony BMG, Sony Pictures etc.) to the platform and it’s something they might finally be doing.
  • Flash interface for Android – Flash & Flex are both specifically mentioned in the job posting along with necessary knowledge of the ActionScript 3 language. GUI development is also listed as important. Right now we don’t really know what this means for Android but we don’t see how it could be anything we don’t want as long as the flash is hardware accelerated.
  • Some new hardware or integration between existing hardware – maybe it’s just because we want it to be true. Integration between Google TV and Android is an interesting concept – using the phone as your controller for something you’re playing on TV is something the hardware is capable of supporting as far as we know. The integration between them just needs to be built in. It’s also possible Sony may be developing Android and the Google TV software to run on their Playstation 3.



Overall, nothing too outlandish speculation-wise this time and of course, it’s possible we’re just looking into this entirely too deeply. However, the last time we said that we didn’t know how much Sony just loves Android. We want to know your ideas as to what this job posting could mean for Sony and for Android. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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