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TeePee Games to launch game discovery platform – includes Android games

Former Player X CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Pearce, who is also a veteran in the games industry has founded a new company called TeePee Games. What TeePee Games aims to do is help players find all the good games they can handle regardless of platform which means games across mobile smartphones, social sites (i.e. Facebook) and Flash games.

TeePee Games will help fish out all the good games on all these platforms while not getting locked down to the Top 20 or so that seem to usually dominate that ranking. A prime example of this would be how RoboDefense has been the #1 paid game on the Android Market for what seems to be forever, except for the small stint that Fruit Ninja had there of course. TeePee Games will also be pulling game information straight from the Android Market in a similar way that sites like Androlib do.

Tony Pearce, CEO and co-founder of TeePee Games said, “The problem is very clear, game players are simply not finding new games because the top 20 dominates each category. TeePee Games has built an incredible discovery engine, a cross between Amazon’s recommendation engine and Apple Genius. It learns and grows with the user, building a detailed profile of what the user has played across different gaming platforms and in turn recommends the ‘best in class’ games content, selected for them personally.”

TeePee Games will also be able to manage all the related social media regarding the games displayed on the site as it will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube. If you are thinking this will just be another ‘free marketplace’ you are wrong as it will also display not just mobile games or social games from sites like Facebook but it will list all the top Flash games from the slew of Flash games sites that are online.

On top of all this, the executives that have come on board at TeePee Games include some heavy hitters of the games industry. Aside from Tony Pearce there is Nick Alexander, former CEO of Sega Europe and games industry stalwart, Simon Jones, former GameJacket managing director and co-founder of marketing agency, Peppermint P, as chief commercial officer and Charles McLeod, managing director of mobile monetisation platform Metaflow joins as a non-executive director.

TeePee Games is expected to launch fully in Q1 of 2011 so keep an eye on them! You can follow TeePee Games on Twitter for updates and if you are a developer, head over to the official TeePee Games website and sign-up to have your game submitted and be shown at launch time!

Developer Website: TeePee Games

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