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Angry Birds and Pigs sit down for a peace talk – breaks out in violence and scrambled eggs

In what was to be a historic event, the Angry Birds and their enemies, the Pigs, sat down on live tv to go through the final day of peace talks. While tension was thick in the air, everything was progressing somewhat nicely until the end when one bird decided to get brave, causing the Pigs to grab the eggs and try to escape. Some eggs did not make it out though.

If you are an egg lover, some of the scenes in this video may be disturbing. We have not edited this at all and are showing you this video of the violence that broke out at the Angry Birds/Pigs peace talks. Hopefully this will get settled in the near future and the peace talks can resume.

This video is actually from the Israeli comedy show ‘Eretz Nehederet’ ( A Wonderful Country). While we enjoy humor as much as the next person does, violence against eggs is a serious matter. Please do not beat your eggs, just whip them gentle with a whisk before cooking them.

Website Referenced: A Wonderful Country

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