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A Mystical Land – Upcoming 3D MMORPG for mobile including Android

Haven’t gotten your fill of MMORPGs on your Android Phone yet? Good because there isn’t many of them anyways but we can add at least one more to the list that will be making the journey to Android. Called “A Mystical Land”, developed by Mad Otter Games and publishers Neonga, this 3D MMORPG will be landing on pretty much every platform imaginable.

You’ll be able to play through Facebook, PC, browser, iOS and of course Android along with a multitude of other mobile platforms. A Mystical Land could be considered W.o.W plus Farmville style of an MMORPG. While you have all the elements most multiplayer RPG games come with, it also offers up Farmville style aspects from owning a home to feeding your animals, growing your garden etc etc.

Players who enjoy having jobs in-game will be glad to know that not only can you do mundane stuff like decorating your house but there are all the skills available to learn including Blacksmith, Mining, Fishing and Cooking to name a few. Remember wasting time in World of Warcraft fishing hours on end before a raid? Now you can do that in this game as well.

“Mad Otter has strived to keep “A Mystical Land” easy to play and understand for players, while layering the deeper gameplay so that players discover it as they become familiar with the game.” stated Damon Slye, CEO, Mad Otter.

The game will have the Facebook Connect viral features allowing players to easily find their Facebook friends in-game and to publish achievements and news via Facebook. Alright so maybe it is W.o.W, Farmville, and social sharing all rolled into one title to play. Not sure how much more addictive they could make a game.

There will be four classes of characters to choose from: Warrior, Archer, Wizard and the all important Healer (who looks like a homeless cook in one of the screenshots). Chances are, like most free-to-play 3D MMORPG games, A Mystical Land will have a storefront where you’ll be able to buy in-game items as well.

Currently, A Mystical Land is in closed beta status and they are accepting beta sign-ups right now. While the PC/mobile/browser will be released first, smartphone support is slated meaning we will see this coming to Android, hopefully in the near future. No word on exact dates though or what devices will be supported.

Developer Website: Mad Otter Games | Neonga

Official Game Site: A Mystical Land


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