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Honeycomb details – tablets officially supported

A working Honeycomb build was shown off to the public in a recent demonstration on an unnamed Motorola tablet (codenamed: Everest). It confirmed some great features that we can expect in our future Google-supported tablets.

Applications for Honeycomb have the same feel as those on earlier versions of Android, but have been designed to take advantage of the larger screen real estate. Reportedly, the same tablet designed apps will function on smaller devices with lower resolutions, offering different API’s to developers to make their content a type of multi-panel interface.


It’s confirmed to feature video chat built directly into Google’s software, new G-Mail app with different panes, a new lock screen and a new 3D-rendering, vector-based Maps software, which is expected to launch on current devices “in a matter of days” and bring map downloading for trips where no 3G/4G is available.

When we know more about Honeycomb we’ll keep you updated.

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