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Pocket Legends giving away more antennas – this time through Facebook

Didn’t win some Android antennas in the scavenger hunt Spacetime Studios held when Pocket Legends for Android was released? Missed that awesome Android costume giveaway as well? Well you still have a chance! You’ll have to keep an eye on their Facebook page though for clues to where the Android is located each day.

Each day you will see clues via Facebook as to where the Android is hanging out in-game. Head over there as fast as you can because he won’t be there for long! If you make it in time, you will win a pair of BLUE Android antennas! The original scavenger hunt for the Android featured green antennas and now you can (hopefully) grab a pair of blue ones!

Head over to Pocket Legends on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for clues! Good luck and happy hunting!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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