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Upcoming RPG, Spectral Souls, in-game screenshots and character art

Yesterday we posted about an upcoming tactics RPG from HyperDevBox called Spectral Souls. Sporting a ridiculous amount of content and an overall size of 1GB, we got in contact with them to get some in-game screenshots. They were nice enough to send us those along with some character art! Check it all out below!


We also got a bit of an explanation regarding the user interface and keyboard play functions:

Aside from the screenshot with the on-screen controls, the other screenshots are when you play the game with a keyboard (that means no touch UI interface if you have and android device with keyboard and select so from the Option screen). If you decide to play with the touch interface, then the 2D game UI will slightly scale and the touch interface will appear at the bottom (as seen on the video), so both way to play the game will be available, we are still working on the final touch UI so it might change when the final build will be released but overall that is our main idea.

The red icon button on the top right of the screen is a little button to remove all the extra UI touch interface from the screen temporary. As long as you keep your finger pressed there the interface will disappear and will be back when you release your finger, that is in rare case you want to just look at the game screen with no UI button covering things at all (not demonstrated on the video), slide left / right for camera rotation, and slide up/down for Zoom-in Zoom-out (as seen on the YouTube video).

The touch control screenshot being referenced is the one you see in the gallery, should be in bottom right, with the D-Pad. You can expect this game to be available for Android devices by the end of the year. For more details regarding the game, check out yesterdays post.

Developer Website: HyperDevBox

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