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Ratrod Studios Inc releases Drift Mania Championship onto the Android Market

Based out of Canada, Ratrod Studios Inc has released their popular 3D drift racing game, Drift Mania Championship, onto the Android Market. In the fashion of Gran Turismo style of racing, you’ll have some sweet looking cars to whip around tracks, drifting all over the place and trying to get the fastest time possible for each track.

You’ll also get points for style, technical skill among other things where, should you do good, your scores will be displayed on the online leader boards for all to see. The leader boards display the scores from all platforms with this game as well.


  • Great 3D graphics
  • Car customization
  • Online global leader boards
  • 3 Circuits to play
  • 3 Difficulties to choose
  • 5 Different cars to customize



While I haven’t seen a drafting game yet on the Android Market, if this is the first one to be released, it looks to be a solid effort. Racing game fans who want something slightly different then the norm will want to check Drift Mania Championship out.

While there is no free trial version to test out, the full version is only $0.98. You really can’t go wrong at that price anyways! On a side note, this game is for hi-res devices only, 800×480 and 854×480 resolution only.

Developer Website: Ratrod Studios Inc

Official Game Site: Drift Mania Championship

Direct Market Link: Drift Mania Championship

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRDriftMania.png{/rokbox}

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