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Chillingo to jump back into the Android-sphere? Possibly, thanks to EA.

Chillingo awhile back dabbled in the Android Market with a few titles and while those titles were mediocre at best, Chillingo is looking to re-enter the Android-sphere in the near future. A large part of this can be given credit to EA which recently purchased Chillingo for $29 million. What was once exclusively iOS is no more.

Chillingo has had one hell of a year in 2010 with Angry Birds then Cut the Rope releases being widely successful and finishing off with Chillingo being bought by EA. While almost exclusively dealing with iOS releases, aside from the early Android games, the new strategy seems to be to break out into the other mobile markets available which, of course, includes Android.

To be clear, Chillingo is a 3rd party publisher of games and while Android Market submission is easy as cake for developers, companies like Chillingo handle things like 3rd party market distribution, promotion, advertising and things of that nature.

“We’ve dipped our toes in the Android Market, and are looking at Android and Windows Phone 7,” says Chillingo Co-Founder, Joe Wee. “There is a lot of promise there, and of course challenges in terms of the purchasing experience [for Android], but these things will come out in the wash.

With EA towering over Chillingo, we should see a much stronger effort put towards the Android Market then what was previously done by Chillingo. They do have a lot of great high quality titles and some of which follow the Freemium business model, always a bonus. According to the Co-Founders of Chillingo though, it is still early in the integration process with EA and all of this will be coming in 2011 at some point.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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